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How to install split air conditioner? Details on how to install ductless air conditioners

BELOW IS JUST AN EXAMPLE FOR INSTALLING MINI SPLIT AC, it will vary with the brand you will buy!

We do not encourage homeowners to install the split air conditioners, below demonstration is for information purpose only.
A lot of customers have called us asking if they install the unit without the licensed AC company, will their warranty be void? Answer to that question is Yes.
Unfortunately no brand or manufacturer can take the responsibility of the equipment if it was not professionally installed.

TIP: Installing a split AC is easy for any AC company, but can get tricky for a homeowner. We as a company cannot encourage a customer to install the split AC, but have seen a lot of customers do it in the past successfully. At the same time we have seen some customers installing the unit unprofessionally without performing all the necessary steps, which resulted in issues with the AC unit within the first 3 months.

In short, you can do all the handyman work yourself but can hire an AC company to finish the important process on the Split unit. For example you can drill the hole in the wall, run the copper lines and connections outside, hang the indoor unit on the wall carefully and then place the outdoor unit outside on a concrete pad or a flat surface. But there are some steps you cannot perform as you do not have tools for it. Which is where your AC company gets involved to finish all the necessary steps.
For example they will vaccum the lines, check for the leaks and then release the refrigerant.

Also, remember no matter how good of a install kit the manufacturer provides, these steps are a must for a successful split AC installation. Some company's selling split AC will make you believe their installation kit is quick connect, which means you do not have to have a AC company to install it. But that is not true. Our install kits are quick connect too, but any thing can go wrong during the shipment or the parts in the package. For example the copper lines may have a small hole from manufacturing defect. So for example if the lines are not tested for leaks, the refrigerant will leak slowly after installation and within 1-2 months your AC will stop working and you will end up paying $700 or more to have more refrigerant added. So it is worth having it installed the right way to begin with. Your local AC company can charge you on a hourly basis and above mentioned process should not take more than 1-2 hours. But if they install the whole unit from scratch to finish, number of hours can vary depending upon each individual situation. This process will not only ensure you have a working split AC for a long time, but at the same time you will have an energy efficient AC that saves you electricity bills as well.




Is this something that I could install myself?
YES AND NO. If you are not sure what you are doing, you will end up installing it incorrectly and thereby will loose the warranty.

Can I put the unit in a Basement, Attic, Garage, Office building?
Absolutely. The Amcoraire DUO can be easily installed anywhere. In all cases, the drain pipe is pitched to the outside. In some cases, a condensate pump may be required.


Instead of installing compressor on the ground or backyard, can I install the compressor on the roof? Can the connection lines go up to the roof, instead going down?
Absolutely Yes. You can install the compressor on the roof or on the ground, would not make any difference. This is why mini splits are so convinient for installations. Check the installation diagram below.


What is the operating range of the unit?
The unit is rated to work between 62-90°F.


What happens if the unit requires servicing after the 1 year NO HASSLE warranty period?
You still have FIVE year compressor Warranty and 3 Years on ALL PARTS. All Amcoraire air DUO conditioning units can be serviced and repaired by any professional air conditioning company. Most likely you won't need any servicing if properly installed. We have one of the best "Toshiba Compressor" in our mini splits compared to any "B" grade compressors which some company's sell.



If I decide to install it myself, will I need vacuums to charge up the lines. I assume that the lines need to be charged up with refrigerant and that it has to be setup by a qualified air conditioning technician correct? 



Is outside unit a metal or a plastic case?
Metal case as plastic vibrates and make a buzz. It is made of Galvanized enamel coated metal.



The distance between my indoor and the outdoor unit will be more than 25 ft:-
1. Is it ok to extend it upto 90 ft? YES IT IS (depends upon what brand you buy)
2. What kind of pipe extentions or what quality do I need? Either solder silver the new copper lines on or flair with a coupling.
3. Where will I get this quality from? home depot? YES, Home depot or any plumbing supply store.

Where on the wall should I install the indoor unit and How high?

What if I want the indoor unit installed at a 6 ft high?
COLD AIR FALLS AND WARM AIR RISES. So higher the indoor unit, better it will cool the room.

Can I install indoor unit 2 ft above the floor?
Not recommended but may work ok though. FLOOR MOUNT IS NOT RECOMMENDED IN MINI SPLITS.


I don't want to install the outdoor unit in my backyard or on my roof. What if I want the outdoor unit installed on the outside wall instead?
Wall bracket for condenser is an option and in stock only for $45 plus $15 shipping. Great value.

Does mini split has air purification capabilities? Air filters?
Yes. Cold catalyst air filter.

Can the outdoor unit be in the straight line with indoor unit, or it always should be above or below the indoor unit level?
Straight betwen condenser and air handler line is ok .

I can't directly run the expel tube down to a drain. I may have to actually pump it back up 10 feet to the roof? What are the options to the direct gravity method for moisture expel?
You can add more drain pipe to reach the ground or you can put a
condensate pump and pump it anywhere you want to.

What size breaker and gauge wire would you suggest?

The 24,000 btu unit is rated for a 20 amp breaker, which requires 12 gauge wire at 25’ (distance between outdoor unit and the breaker)

The 18,000 btu unit is rated for a 15 amp breaker, which requires 14 gauge wire at 25’ (distance between outdoor unit and the breaker)

The 12,000 btu unit is rated for a 20 amp breaker, which requires 12 gauge wire at 25’ (distance between outdoor unit and the breaker)

The 9,000 btu unit is rated for a 15 amp breaker, which requires 14 gauge wire at 25’ (distance between outdoor unit and the breaker)


Is there only one copper tube or two?
2 copper lines.

Is the drain line a flexible tube or solid pvc?
It is Flexible

Distance from inside air handler to consenser is 30'. How would I add to the standard 25' length that is included? Can I get a 5' length with flared ends and a coupling?
Yes you can buy the extra flared and coupling from any plumbing store or home depot.

How would you suggest I make 90 degree turns in copper tube?
You can do it slowly with your two hands and a large radius to make the 90.

Does Power only run to Main Compresssor Unit and the Fan piggy Backs off of the main Compressor? Or does power need to be run to both Units Individualy?

Do your mini-split units have the electric heat strips or do they have heat pumps.

They are Heat pumps. No heat strip. But unlike many other heat pumps, they run down to 17 deg F.


I will be running the pipes high 30 feet. Is that much elevation ok?


Below is just an illustration of one model, with different pictures, it should not be considered as a complete installation guide.

First check the install kit. Refrigerant lineset and wire harness are your main components

Other Miscellanous items
Your compressor
Locate the wire with black connector from inside the indoor unit, this is where one end of your defrost wire will be connected.
The defrost wire is the grey wire that comes in the package and is shown connected on the right. The other grey tube is your drain pipe coming out of the indoor unit. The white insulation has copper tubings inside.
One more look at everything.
Once the prep work is done, you can install the indoor unit wall bracket on the wall. In this case we chose to go out from the right for the connections, so we made a 3 inch hole in the wall as shown in the pciture. You can make this hole on the left also if you would like.
As you can see the indoor unit is installed on the wall. The lineset with insulation, defrost wire, electrical wires and drain pipe are all smoothly pushed out through the hole (shown above). Please remember the indoor unit should be installed horizontally in such a way that the water can easily drain out through the pipe using gravity. We have seen people install it without using the level guide, resulting in tilted installation which finally will result in water leak in house.
This is the outside view, showing everything as per above.

This is where the compressor will be placed, since we had an existing concrete pad already.

You can go as far as you want with your compressor (50 ft to 100 ft depending upon the model you buy) You can install the compressor on the roof also if you would like.

We opened the insulation a bit to expose the copper lines to make the connections.
This shows how the final connection was made and tied together.
Finally compressor was placed in its position.

At this point the electrician finished his job by connecting the compressor to the circuit breaker and connecting the electrical wire coming from inside unit to the compressor.

If your compressor will be closer than this, it is important to remember that lineset should be minimum 10 ft long to avoid any damage to the compressor. We have seen people place compressor right behind the indoor unit (outside) and then cut the lines to about 7 ft only, resulting in compressor issues. In short you can keep the compressor close to indoor unit, but you can roll the line set to make it longer than 10 ft minimum.

The adapter on the left is newer R410A adapter, if your contractor don't have one, you can click here to buy one. By now, the HVAC contractor was ready with the tools. He was here on an hourly basis to perform 4 important steps (normally 1-2 hour job max):

1. Connect the lines.

2. Vaccumming the lines, to make sure NO moisture is left in the copper tubings.

3. Checking for the leaks, to ensure the refrigerant won't leak out in case the copper lines had leaks.

4. Finally he will release the refrigerant and make final tests.


At this point, he is connecting the adapter to connect his tools.


Making connections.

Connections made to finally do the above tests.
Now vacuuming the lines
Checking for the leaks
almost done .....
This is the liquid he sprayed on the lines to make sure there were no leaks.
Once done, the HVAC contractor can disconnect his tools and use the bolt to secure the compressor to the concrete pad and place rubber pads underneath to avoid vibration. This will be your final layout. You can cover the copper line with anything to give it a final touch. See some examples below.
Various examples of installed compressor. On the roof, on concrete pads, on wall bracket below the window, on the ground.









What are mini split air conditioners?
Like the central air conditioner units, ductless mini split air conditioners have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units through a small hole (3 inches usually) that is drilled in the wall of the building. The main advantages of mini split air conditioners are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. The number depends on how much heating or cooling is required for the building or each zone (which is also affected by how well the building is insulated). Since each of the split air conditioner zones/rooms will have it's own thermostat, you only need to condition that area when someone is present, which saves energy and money. If you are in a office building at a higher floor, you can also install Outside Compressor using our Wall Bracket.



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1. Many options to compare - We have brands like Friedrich, LG, YMGI, Carrier, Sanyo, Klimaire, Shinco, Haier, etc. This means you have low to high end prices from different brands with several different options to choose from.
2. Good Warranty on all Air Conditioners - Most of our Split air conditioners have 5 years compressor and 3 years on parts.
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10. New Versions! Advanced features! Complete packages With or without install kits! Find them all here...

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Which Brand is the best?

With so many different brands out there it does get confusing for the consumers. We receive calls from confused consumers every single day not knowing which brand to buy. Simple way to figure that out is by checking your requirement first, then the features you would like in your AC and based on all this you can finally narrow it down to three brands. Then see which one has best package deal, who has the better warranty and ofcourse if two brands provide similar packages and same warranty then it comes to who has the better price. PLEASE DO NOT go for AC unit that is $50 cheap but has less features or poor SEER rating. It is never worth it. We have had customers who ended up buying SEER 13 product when SEER 15 was available with low ambient operation for $50 cheaper. But they ended up spending $175 later in winter to buy the back up electric heater, as the standard SEER 13 would not produce heat when the outside temperature went below 15 deg. In short if you buy a high SEER AC unit, with inverter technology, low ambience operation etc, you pay more today, but it is your cheaper option in the long run, as you save $60 approx. per month on electrical bills. Plus they work lot more better than your regular standard units with lot more advanced features. If price is not a big concern, we rate LG units as THE BEST in the industry. If you need a quality brand with great customer feedbacks and reviews but a bit cheaper than LG, we would recommend YMGI brand and Friedrich is our third best rates brand for quality and pricing. As per our customer feedbacks and reviews our TOP 4 brands are :

1. YMGI : This brand is very popular mainly for quality products and good tech support in place and their prices are cheaper than most. Their product quality is excellent with good feedback from customers and their promotional prices are unbeatable. Their single zones 9000 btu, 12000 btu and 18000 btu qualify for federal tax credits (see details). Some of their dual and tri zones can run on different modes unlike other brands. For example, if you buy a dual zone from this brand, one indoor unit can run on a AC mode and other can run on a heat mode at the same time. Whereas with other brands both the indoor units are supposed to be either on AC or heat mode.

2. LG: Again LG is a big name brand. Excellent product. Comes with ART COOL and MIRROR PANELS that you cannot find in any other brand. LG products are seen a lot in european countries. LG has both standard and Inverter type units with high SEER ratings. Their dual zones and tri zone are only one of the few in the industry that qualifies for federal tax credits. They have quality single zones that are standard, but they do have INVERTER units as well with high SEER product.

3. Shinco: Shinco split air conditioners are equipped with a state of the art inverter compressor & heat pump. Most 2010 models are also ENERGY STAR certified therefore are eligible for tax credits. Each unit also comes with a installation kit. Shinco units a perfect balance of power and efficiency at an extreme low price!

4. Friedrich: One of the top brands in the Industry. Excellent product. Great tech support offered to our existing customers, no complaints whatsoever with this brand. This brand offers high SEER products with inverter technology like YMGI does.

5. Haier: Haier products are very reliable. They have great cuistomer support in place. Their prices are low but they do not come iwth complete install kits as YMGI. But you can always buy that from your installer or Home Depot for just $200.

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What size unit is good for my application? How to choose the right AC?

Keep a pen and paper next to you and write down answers to below questions first. Then move to step 2.

A. First question is how many air handlers (indoor units) would you need?
Answer to this comes from the number of rooms you want to cool or heat. Remember since this is ductless, you will need ONE air handler per room. But if your kitchen, dinning area and living room are all connected and open to each other, in that case you will need just ONE for this entire area. But if your dinning room has walls around it with only a door size opening from the kitchen, in that case you may want to put ONE in kitchen and ONE in dinning room.
B. Are the rooms well insulated? If not we will call it "Situation B"
C. How many windows you have in each room? Are these energy efficient windows? (single pane or double pane windows). If you have 2-3 windows in one room and they are single pane windows that are not energy efficient, we will call it a "Situation C"
D. Then you need to know the height of your ceiling. Is it a regular ceiling or more than 10 ft high? If it has a high ceiling of 15 or 20 ft, we will call it is "Situation D"
E. Do you have any heat generating source in these rooms like sunlight, equipments, computers/server or kitchen etc? If yes, we will call it a "Situation E"

F. Last but not the least you need to know the sq ft of each room.

Once you have the above info, it gets simple then. Below table will help you decide and give you a approx. estimation of what you really need.

Please consult your HVAC installer before making your decision. Below info can help you decide, but it cannot be guaranteed accurate under different circumstances.
BUY 9000 BTU Split AC?
BUY 12000 BTU Split AC?
BUY 18000 BTU Split AC?
BUY 24000 BTU Split AC?
If your room is Upto 300 sq ft without any bad situation B, C, D or E (Example: The room is 275 sq ft, house is well insluated, has double pane windows, it is a bedroom with regular ceiling. This means there is nothing wrong with the room conditions)
If your room is Upto 300 SQ FT with either one of the above bad situations B or C or D or E (Example: the house is well insulated and has energy efficient windows, but it is a sun room with lot of windows and is 250 sq ft)
If your room is Upto 300 SQ FT with WORSE SITUATION (Example: the house is not insulated and has old windows that are not energy efficient)
MAYBE (If it is a restaurant kitchen for example)
If your room is between 300 - 500 sq ft without any situation B, C, D or E (Example: The room is 475 sq ft, house is well insluated, has double pane windows, it is a bedroom with regular ceiling. This means there is nothing wrong with the room conditions)
If your room is between 300 - 500 SQ FT with either one of the above situations B or C or D or E (Example: the house is well insulated and has energy efficient windows, but it is a sun room with lot of windows and is 450 sq ft)
If your room is between 300 - 500 SQ FT with WORSE SITUATION (Example: the house is not insulated and has old windows that are not energy efficient)
If your room is between 500 - 700 sq ft without any situation B, C, D or E (Example: The room is 675 sq ft, house is well insluated, has double pane windows, it is a bedroom with regular ceiling. This means there is nothing wrong with the room conditions)
If your room is between 500 - 700 SQ FT with either one of the above situations B or C or D or E (Example: the house is well insulated and has energy efficient windows, but it is a sun room with lot of windows and is 650 sq ft)
If your room is between 500 - 700 SQ FT with WORSE SITUATION (Example: the house is not insulated and has old windows that are not energy efficient)
If your room is between 700 - 1000 sq ft without any situation B, C, D or E (Example: The room is 975 sq ft, house is well insluated, has double pane windows, it is a bedroom with regular ceiling. This means there is nothing wrong with the room conditions)
If your room is between 700 - 1000 SQ FT with either one of the above situations B or C or D or E (Example: the house is well insulated and has energy efficient windows, but it is a sun room with lot of windows and is 950 sq ft)
If your room is between 700 - 1000 SQ FT with WORSE SITUATION (Example: the house is not insulated and has old windows that are not energy efficient)
For room more than 1000 sq ft, example it is a office space with 1500 sq ft, you will need more than one unit in that one big room for better circulation. So you can buy a 2-3 sinagles zone units or dual zone, trizone or a quadzone depending upon how big the room is as per above calculations.

Now once you have decided how many units you need, it is time to see what features you want. Low Ambience Feature
For example if you live in New York where the temperature goes below 15 deg quiet a few times in a year and if you need this AC unit to do the heating job as well in the winter time, in that case DO NOT buy the standard SEER 13 without Low Ambience. You need the unit that has Low Ambience operation as they can produce heat in temperature as low as minus 4 deg or zero deg depending upon which unit you end up buying. YMGI/LG/Friedrich/Haier for example have units that produce heat in temperature as low as zero deg.

Units with high SEER and inverter techonlogy save you a lot of money on electricity bills. As much as $50 per month approx. So if you have a high SEER unit with Inverter which is $300 - $400 more than the standard unit with SEER 13, you still will be better off buying the expensive one, as after 6-8 months savings are all yours plus such units are lot more advanced with many other good features.

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How does Inverter work?

INVERTER technology delivers precise cooling or heating power as per your choice.
It works faster and saves energy while ensuring uniform temperature.

In Depth details:

The inverter tag found on some air conditioners signifies the ability of the unit to continuously regulate its thermal power flow.

Traditional reverse-cycle air-conditioners use a heat pump that is either working at maximum capability or switched off, as the compressor's speed cannot be varied. In order to regulate temperature a thermistor is used to measure the ambient air temperature and switch the compressor on when the ambient air temperature is too far from the desired temperature.

Air-conditioners bearing the inverter tag use a variable-frequency drive to control the speed of the motor and thus the compressor. The variable-frequency drive uses a rectifier to convert the incoming AC current to DC and then uses pulse-width modulation of the DC current within an inverter to produce AC current of a desired frequency. The AC current is used to drive a brushless motor or an induction motor. As the speed of a brushless motor is synchronised to the frequency of the AC current, it is thus possible to build a compressor that can be run at different speeds. Similarly, the voltage and frequency can be varied as needed to efficiently run an induction motor at different speeds. A microcontroller can then sample the current ambient air temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor appropriately.

Eliminating stop-start cycles increases efficiency, extends the life of components, and helps eliminate sharp fluctuations in the load the air-conditioner places on the power supply.

The inverter principle has been applied to a wide range of household appliances including microwave ovens, washing machines, and so on. ductless split ac top

If you want Ductless split air conditioner with install kit in your package deal
Usually brands like YMGI, Shicno, AirCon, Klimaire will have a package deal with installation kit included. But other brands will not come with install kit at all. In such cases we offer Copper Tubings, Service valve adpater, Condensor pads etc as optional products to buy. Your installer probably will already have them in his truck. If not you can buy them separately from us when buying brands like LG, Sanyo, Friedrich etc. ductless split ac top

What is the best package deal available in the industry?
We have many good deals on our website. But to keep it simple we strongly recommend YMGI products as the best package deal out there in the Industry as of today. Here is the justification:

1. Below YMGI products have HIGH SEER.
2. Inverter technology
3. Low Ambience Operation.
4. They come with complete install kits.
5. They come with 5 year on compressor and 1 year on parts.
6. Usually these are $350 more than what they are priced now. So yes, they are at promotional offer now. If you compare it to any other brand with similar features and quality, this product is unbeatable.
7. They have thier own dehumidification mode. Other brands will have dehumidification only when your AC mode is on. But this one has a dehumidification mode of its own. Other features are Auto Restart, Sleep mode, Auto Swing Mode etc.

inverter split air conditioner

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Is this something that I could install myself?   

YES and NO. Depends if you are good technically. You may or may not be able to do it. Some people do the handyman work on the indoor and outdoor unit and pay a small amount to an electrician to hard wire the outdoor unit and pay HVAC professional to vaccuum the lines before releasing the refrigerant. Some people choose to do it all by themselves with their past experience. Manufacturer recommends to have it installed by an HVAC professional. Any of your local professional air conditioning company should be able to install it easily for couple of hundred dollars. It is worth spending this money initially, this way you can have it installed professionally and enjoy the benefits of energy efficient mini split AC for year's to come. You may loose your warranty in some cases if you install this unit yourself. Some brands specifically require you to have an invoice from your HVAC installer to provide warranty help. So make sure to read warranty details before making your purchase.

But How easy are the units to install? Click Here To See An Easy Diagram Of How It Is Installed. For Complete Installation Guide, you can click here To ensure an easy installation and fault free operation, we recommend the unit be installed by a professional HVAC installer. ductless split ac top

How does it work?
For example the our mini splits use a high quality compressor and environmentally friendly green refrigerant to cool your home, and an innovative heat pump technology to keep your interiors warm in cold weather. The near silent operation is made possible by installing the compressor outside your home or offi ce. The air handler (indoor AC unit) in your dwelling is designed for ideal climate control, allowing you to cool or heat or dehumidify your interiors. You can conveniently adjust the fan speed, air flow direction, and oscillating louvers via remote control, or simply set the 24 hour timer for care free operation.

How much do they cost to run?

These energy efficient units provide localized cooling and heating for certain parts of your home or office, rather than cooling or heating other areas that are not occupied. This localized climate control enables you to reduce your energy bills. SEER ratings we have is the best standard in industry and mini split AC's are most energy efficient AC's you can ever find.

Does mini split air conditioner have air purification capabilities? Air filters?


How noisy are the units?
WHISPER QUIET OPERATION is one of the many reasons why they are very popular. The indoor units are typically no noisier than a standard domestic fan, but as they do make some noise, consideration should be given to their location.

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Why choose a mini split air conditioner? What are the advantages of ductless split AC?
=> Whsiper quiet operation.
=> Energy efficient, save money on electric bills!
=> Lot cheaper than central air conditioner.
=> Easy installation procedure.
=> Long term solution, good for new additions or when replacing existing air conditioner.

A mini split air conditioner is a cost effective choice to central air conditioning. However, it is typically more expensive than a wall or window air conditioner and you need a professional to install it. Since the compressor sits outside the split air conditioner is very quiet and efficient. Since mini splits have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.
Mini split air conditioners are also sometimes easier to install than other types of air conditioning systems. For example, the hook-up between the outdoor and indoor units generally requires only a three inch hole through a wall for the conduit. Also, most manufacturers of this type of system can provide a variety of lengths of connecting conduits. So, if necessary, you can locate the outdoor unit as far away as 50 feet from the indoor evaporator depending upon which mini split AC you buy. This makes it possible to cool rooms on the front side of a building or house with the compressor in a more advantageous or inconspicuous place on the outside of the building.In comparison to other add-on systems, split air conditioners offer more flexibility in interior design options. The indoor air handlers can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, or hung on a wall. Floor-standing models are also available with LG. Most indoor units have profiles of about seven inches deep and usually come with sleek, high tech-looking jackets.

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How will ductless mini split air conditioner look in my home or office? see below...

Mini Split AC is an amenity that has been designed to blend harmoniously with your home and offi ce interiors. These high performance, high quality appliances are offered in three beautiful designs. Unlike window mounted air conditioners of yesterday, the ductless mini split air conditioners are mounted high up on walls, not in windows, preserving your outdoor views for all to enjoy. See examples below:-


What is HSPF?
HSPF is the abbreviation for the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This factor rates the efficient operation of the heating portion of the heat pump. As the HSPF increases, the unit functions at a more efficient level. New units in the United States have HSPF ratings from 7.0 to 9.4.
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor-the total heating output in B.T.U's during it's normal usage period for heating divided by the total electrical energy input in watt hours during the same period  

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What is a Heat Pump and How Does It Work?
A Heat Pump is an electrical device that takes heat from one place and transfers it to another. A heat pump transfers heat by circulating environmentally friendly refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and condensation. A compressor then pumps the refrigerant between two heat exchange coils. In one coil the refrigerant is evaporated at low pressure and absorbs the heat from the surroundings. The refrigerant is then compressed on the way to the other coil where it condenses at high pressure. Now the heat pump releases the heat it absorbed earlier in the cycle. This process is reversible for the summer months and the heat pump acts as a cooling system.

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Why Purchase A Heat Pump?
A heat pump is the most energy efficient way to heat and cool your home.
Heat pumps utilize the renewable heat sources in our surroundings in order to produce heat. The air, ground and water provide useful heat that is warmed up by the heat pump and delivered into the home. Sources such as the air, ground and water provide more heat than realized and the heat pump makes use of these sources that are continuously heated by the sun.
WIth British Columbia's mild weather conditioins, having a heat pump is the most logical, environmentally friendly and efficient source of in-home heating and cooling.

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How Do You Measure A Heat Pump's Efficiency?
Heat pumps provide both cooling and heating, so the efficiency is measured in two different ways. When the heat pump cools, a SEER rating or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the efficiency. The SEER rating is similar to gas mileage on a car. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient it is. Most of today's heat pumps have a SEER rating between 13.0 and 19.0 SEER. When the heat pump heats the home, a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF rates the efficiency. The HSPF rating works the same way as the SEER rating does. The higher the HSPF, the more efficient the system is. Most new units today have a HSPF rating between 7.7 to 9.0 HSPF.

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How does an air conditioner work?
An air conditioner seems as if it cools your home's air, but it actually makes your home less warm by removing heat from the indoor air and transferring that heat to the outdoor air. Heat is extracted from the home by passing indoor air across a refrigerant coil in the indoor unit. Refrigerant lines then carry the heat to the outdoor unit, where it is released into the outside air. The cooling cycle continues until the indoor temperature reaches the thermostat setting.  

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What does SEER mean?
Season Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is a system for rating the efficiency of air conditioning equipment. SEER is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity in BTU/H, of a continuously operating air conditioner, by the electric power input, or watts, of power consumed. The higher the SEER, the less the unit should cost to operate.  

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What is a heat pump and how does it work?
A heat pump combines cooling and heating in one unit. When cooling, the heat pumps operates like an air conditioner, removing the heat from indoors and transferring it outdoors. In the winter the heat pump takes heat from the outdoor air and transfers it inside your home. Even at freezing temperatures, there is heat in the outdoor air that can be used to warm a home with a heat pump. To raise the heat pump’s output on very cold days, electric resistance heaters are installed in the indoor section of the unit.   

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What is R-410A?
R-410A is a hydro fluorocarbon (HFC), which is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is considered by most to be the likely replacement for R-22.   

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 What is Freon/R-22?
Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), known as R-22 has been used as a refrigerant for more than 40 years  by HVAC manufacturers. While HCFC's are considered safe for the environment they do contain chlorine which is classed as an ozone-depleting chemical. The Clean Air Act set a target date of January 1, 2010 after which HVAC manufacturers can no longer build products that use R-22. Manufacturers of refrigerants will still be allowed to produce R-22 until January 1, 2020 after which time only recovery and recycling will provide R-22 for servicing older installed systems.   

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Is The Refrigerant Used In A Heat Pump Safe For The Environment?

Both Carrier and Lennox heat pumps use envronmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. This refrigerant does not deplete the ozone layer and is seen as the logical replacement for Freon R-22. Carrier beat the competition by six years and introduced Puron refrigerant or R-410A. Use of R-410A adds to the efficiency and realiability of a heat pump.

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Are there any good reasons for replacing my existing system if it is still functioning?
You should consider replacing your system if it is old, and therefore less efficient or if it will probably need major repairs in the near future. New systems can be 60% more efficient than systems built only 10 years ago. Normal wear and tear can reduce the efficiency of your system. Another costly season of utility bills or paying for an expensive failed part can go a long way toward the cost of a new system.   

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How do I know what to buy?
Make sure the unit that you select is the correct size for your needs. Systems that are too large or too small can be inefficient. We would be pleased to provide an energy analysis to show you the true operating cost. If someone in the family has allergies, an air filtration system should be part of the installation.  

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What does it mean to zone my house and why should I zone my house?
A zoning system is designed for the many ways you use your home. Maybe you're caught up in family "thermostat wars"? Or perhaps you have unoccupied areas that do not need conditioning? A Lennox® zoning system allows you to divide your home into separate areas, giving you the comfort and control you've always wanted. The main benefits of residential zoning are: Comfort Zoning meets the specific temperature and airflow requirements of one area, without affecting other areas. Efficiency A properly designed zoning system can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. Control Zoning divides the home into different areas and comfort into different levels, giving you more choices and control than ever before. Quiet Performance When integrated with variable speed and/or two-stage HVAC systems, zoning allows your heating and cooling equipment to deliver peak performance and efficiency without continually operating at peak capacity. Lower speeds mean lower sound levels.  

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What else might be needed if I replace my old system?
Beside the installation of new equipment, other items need to be inspected and possibly replaced, such as, thermostat, ducts, refrigerant piping, electrical service, wiring, condensate piping, insulation, flue piping and terminations, chimney liner, slabs, filter, registers, grills, drain pans and evaporator coil.    

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Should I change my indoor coil?
When replacing your air conditioner or heat pump the answer is probably yes. If only the outdoor portion is changed the efficiency of the entire system could be lowered and consequently your savings could be less.

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 How long should my unit last?
With proper maintenance, industry averages suggest that an air conditioner should last 12-15 years (high humidity/salt air applications may be less than that) and a gas furnace should last as long as 20 or 25 years.   

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How often should I change or clean my filters?
Dirty filters should be replaced to prevent equipment from working harder, resulting in energy waste and possibly causing damage to your unit. Filters should generally be replaced every month when the system is running. Filters should be replaced with the same kind and size as your original filter. If the filter is not disposable, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning it.  

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Should I cover my outdoor unit in the winter?
Covering the unit is not necessary. Air conditioners are built to withstand a wide range of climate changes. Rain even helps keep your unit clean. Since heat pumps run all year long, they should not be covered.

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Should I set my thermostat fan to the "ON" position so the fan runs all the time? (not available with all brands and models)?
There are advantages. One is full-time filtering of the air in your home. Another is that you can maintain a more even temperature throughout your home.   

What causes indoor air pollution?
Many everyday household items contribute to poor indoor air quality. Compounds found in carpeting, furniture, upholstery and drapery fabric consistently emit gas or fumes. Other sources of pollutants can include, but are not limited to, cleaning agents, paints and personal care products. Also, newer homes that are tightly sealed for energy efficiency tend to limit air circulation, which can contribute to a buildup of contaminants. Likewise, things like weather stripping and storm doors keep stale air in and fresh air out. 

How can I improve my indoor air quality?
There are five basic strategies for outsmarting indoor air pollution: Identify the problem:
The first step toward better indoor air is to identify the types of pollutants present in the home. The best way to do this is to schedule an in-home air-quality test. Reduce concentrations of particles and bioaerosols
Routine cleaning and housekeeping helps reduce indoor air pollutants, but these simple fixes are not cure-alls. Some contaminants are so small that they may escape through the vacuum or never land on a surface. Lennox HEPA filtration systems, electronic air cleaners, high-efficiency air filters capture even the smallest of particles and bioaerosols. Reduce or eliminate chemical vapors and odors
Chemical vapors and odors can come from many different sources inside and outside the home. Once inside the home, these potentially toxic pollutants circulate through the ductwork, entering every room and living space. A Lennox air purification system removes and destroys 50% of household chemical vapors and odors within 24 hours. Ventilate Your Home
Today's modern homes are well-insulated and sealed to conserve energy, which means airborne pollutants have no way to escape. Lennox® ventilation systems help remove particles and bioaerosols by exchanging stale, recirculated indoor air with fresh, filtered outside air. 

Control Temperature and Humidity
Improper humidity levels and high temperatures can actually increase concentrations of particles and bioaerosols. Lennox SignatureStat™ and thermostats regulate moisture levels and temperatures to improve indoor air quality and enhance comfort.

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